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Life enrichment in assisted living and memory care

Posted: January 24, 2023

Life Enrichment: The Key to Satisfying Assisted Living and Memory Care

Your loved one has a rich life experience.

Perhaps, as a child, she tended a rural garden or rode trams through a busy city’s crowded streets. Maybe she developed a passion for art or music, gardening or gin rummy, or launched a life-long love of romance novels.

During her adult years she may have filled endless photo albums with memories of travel, or snapshots of children and grandchildren. She may have crafted a successful career or two…or three.

And now, as an older adult, she’s needing the safety and care of an Assisted Living or Memory Care community—one that will honor all the experiences and values that make her the one-of-a-kind person she is.

At Capella of Grand Junction, we embrace and support each resident’s unique story, meeting their needs as we encourage their gifts and honor their history. Our mantra is “Be Well Known,” and we make certain each member of our community experiences the joy of feeling connected to staff and one another.

Assisted Living and Memory Care Life Enrichment Starts with Understanding

In our community, your loved one is more than a room number or diagnosis. We take the time to ask questions and listen deeply, to hear and know the stories of those we support.

Why? One reason is selfish: we enjoy it. It’s a delight to discover that someone we see daily once flew fighter jets, ran a restaurant, or marched alongside famous civil rights leaders. Our community is awash with stories—some big, some small, all remarkable.

But we also listen because residents thrive when engaged with our assisted living and memory care life enrichment program. That’s why it’s our goal to invite your loved one into as many of those resident-driven programs as possible.

“Life Enrichment at Cappella of Grand Junction embraces resident-centered activities to provide each individual joy and purpose,” explains Community Life Coordinator Misty Trout. “We provide the opportunity for residents—and team members—to give, learn and grow through meaningful activities. You can feel the vibrant life at Cappella the moment you walk in our front doors!”

Life Enrichment for the Whole Person

Our assisted living and memory care life enrichment program is based on five pillars: the social, intellectual, physical, purposeful, and spiritual aspects of life. Each is essential—and each is led by and appreciated by residents.

Social needs are met through a variety of interest-based activities. As residents express interest in new activities we’re quick to look for ways to resource those interest areas. Group games bring residents together, as do movie screenings, musical programs, and special social connection events. We build a community of belonging, fostering authentic relationships through shared values and experiences.

Intellectual needs are met through a lending library and occasional lectures and informative meetings. We treat all residents as life-long learners, providing meaningful ways to help them keep an active mind. Most importantly, we encourage stimulating conversation—with staff and other members of the community.

Purpose is where passion and positivity flow, so we’re careful to discover what residents envision for their future, what will satisfy and enrich their days. We work with residents to find ways to find purpose and enjoy fulfilling lives as they discover how they can share their gifts with others. And residents participate in making decisions about how they’ll move forward in life.

Physical wellbeing is a core consideration at Cappella of Grand Junction, and addressed as we encourage healthy choices and habits, independence, and inclusive fitness classes that sustain and improve function.

Spiritual needs are addressed through daily prayer for those who wish to participate, and a variety of religious services. We accommodate the traditions that bring deep meaning, emotional health, and comfort to residents.

According to the National Institute on Aging, a growing body of scientific research suggests that cognitive health in elderly adults includes the very elements we provide at Cappella of Grand Junction.

And in addition to meeting residents’ needs in the areas already described, our Rhythms Dementia Services provide a holistic approach to living with dementia that focus on each person’s natural rhythms of life. Rather than dictate the details of dementia care, we work with residents so they receive the care they need while also feeling respected.



Life Enrichment Includes You

You are always invited to join your loved one at Cappella of Grand Junction and be a part of community life.

Enjoy a delicious, chef-planned meal in our spacious full-service restaurant, or a quiet evening together by the cozy fireplace in the relaxing living room. Attend one of our informative workshops that address dementia, Alzheimer’s, or family dynamics. View our full activity calendar for descriptions of upcoming programs.

Your loved one’s story is still being written. We’re honored to be a part of many stories, and invite you to make us a part of yours.






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