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self-compassion in the face of disaster

Posted: February 1, 2021

Together We Thrive Session 1: Self-Compassion in the Face of Disaster

CLC-Cappella and Colorado Spirit have collaborated to bring a special six-part support series called Together We! Thrive. These sessions, hosted on Facebook live, offer professional and practical ways to support our whole well-being through difficult times. While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all in many ways, bringing on devastating isolation and loss, disrupting daily routines and connections with loved ones, and heightening stressors in our lives, we can all strengthen our resilience and find healthy ways to cope with stress. Check out the full schedule for Together We! Thrive and join us live on Facebook twice per month as we explore various topics.

The first session of the series, titled “Self-Compassion in the Face of Disaster,” was hosted by Dr. Kristin Pyne. Dr. Pyne is the Senior Care Specialist on the Colorado Spirit team at Aurora Mental Health Center. She graduated with her doctorate last fall and has spent the majority of her academic and clinical career working with older adults. As the Senior Care Specialist, Kristin has the honor of connecting with, learning with, and helping older adults through normal reactions, such as stress, sadness, and grief, during this very abnormal time.

During the session, Dr. Pyne discussed the range of emotions we have all been through throughout the pandemic. Many of us have experienced fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, and isolation as well as emotions like hopefulness, inspiration, and connectedness. While the vast range of emotions may be confusing, Dr. Pyne reminds us that these are normal emotional responses to a troubling time. She taught us skills for treating these emotions with self-compassion, rather than criticism. It’s good practice to acknowledge the trauma we have all experienced and practice self care just as we would comfort a close loved one.

View the full video on Facebook and download the handout activity and worksheet so you can follow along!

The next session in the Together We! Thrive series is happening February 9th. Learn more: Practicing Stress Management and Self-Care During COVID-19

Colorado Spirit Wellness is a short-term program that is working to provide support to the Colorado community as we handle the current challenges. Please know that no matter what you are feeling, you are not alone. Our team is here to listen and guide you through the feelings, stressors, and emotions you may be experiencing right now. All our services are free, anonymous, and conducted by phone and available in multiple languages.

We are here to:

Listen to you and help you process the emotions you are feeling.

Support your wellbeing by sharing coping skills and techniques.

Connect you to the right resources based on your needs.

Colorado Spirit and CLC-Cappella’s leaders will provide education, facilitate discussions, and provide tangible support applicable to anyone who has been impacted by the pandemic. This is part of a federal COVID-19 crisis counselor grant program. We have provider organizations focused regionally across Colorado and for other CLC-Cappella supported states, we have links to state focused crisis counseling resources.


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