Cappella of Grand Junction

Our Philosophy

At Cappella, our personalized approach is designed to encourage growth, passion, and enthusiasm for all of life’s promises and possibilities, regardless of age or individual ability. All of the support, care, and comforts to live fully and contentedly are available at Cappella of Grand Junction.

At Cappella Living Solution the wellbeing of those who call Cappella home comes first. In partnership, we create exceptional assisted living and memory support communities. And together life sings. Start your new life at Cappella in beautiful Grand Junction, CO. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

Our philosophy at Cappella of Grand Junction
Well-Balanced Life at Cappella of Grand Junction


A true feeling of community is the foundation for success. To genuinely be home, Cappella has a well-balanced mix of hospitality, customer service, and caring relationships.

Engaged residents at Cappella of Grand Junction


Cappella  residents and team members build a vibrant community by utilizing their talents and passions to bring the community to life.



Team members and residents are “in this together.” Our team members integrate into community life while serving and supporting the residents who call Cappella home.

Explorative residents at Cappella of Grand Junction


Personal growth and exploration can occur at every age. Cappella uses research-based tenets of successful aging to support people in reaching their personal definition of successful living.